Informal greetings and farewell in Spanish

As we have seen in other posts, greetings and farewells can be different in formal and informal situations. We have already talked about formal ways to say hello and goodbye in Spanish. Now, it’s time to talk about informal ways to say it.

Informal ways to say hello and goodbye in Spanish

Talking to your friends, your parents or your partner have something in common: all of them are informal situations. So, greetings and farewells are different from formal situations, as you don’t use “usted” instead of “you”. Here you have some examples:

How to informally say hello in Spanish for the first time

  • Hola, ¿cómo te llamas? (Hello, what’s your name? – For making new friends)
  • Muy buenas, ¿cómo estás? (Hello, how are you? – Great for starting a conversation with a stranger)
  • Encantado (Nice to meet you – When you introduce yourself or someone introduces someone else to you)

Saying goodbye informally to someone you have just met

  • Encantado, hasta otra (Nice to meet you, see you next time – You can say hasta luego too)
  • Hasta otra (See you next time – You don’t really mean to see him/her again, it’s just a saying)
  • Nos vemos pronto (See you soon – Only if you think you’re going to)

Saying hello informally to someone you already know

  • ¿Qué tal? (How are you? – It works with everybody in every situation)
  • ¿Cómo va eso? (How are you doing? – For old people or in-laws you haven’t seen for some time)
  • ¿Qué hay? (What’s up? – Usually used with old people)

Saying goodbye informally to someone you already know

  • Nos vemos (Goodbye, good afternoon – You can use it whenever you want: buenos días, buenas tardes o buenas noches – good morning, good afternoon, good night)
  • Hasta luego (See you later – It doesn’t necessary mean that you’re going to meet in a while)
  • Pásalo bien (Enjoy – If someone talks about their plans for the weekend, for example)

Greetings and farewells when you don’t want to start a conversation

Sometimes you just don’t want to start a conversation, but you have to say hello if you walk nearby someone you know. You have some options:

    • Hola (Hello – As simple as that)
    • Adiós (Bye – It’s a little bit embarrasing when you say adiós and they say hello, but it usually happens)
    • Buenas (Hi – More coloquial than hello)
  • ¿Qué hay? (How are you doing? – You don’t really care about how he/she is and you don’t expect him/her to answer your question)
  • Buenos días/Buenas tardes/Buenas noches (Good morning/Good afternoon/Good night – Typical thing you say to your neighbours)

Informal greetings and farewells

Do you want to know some formal and informal expressions for saying hello and goodbye? Read this post and try this online activity.



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