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Do you know what these celebrities do for a living?

I’m sure you know a lot of celebrities, but could you speak about them in Spanish? Could you tell me, at least, what do they do for a living? Keep reading and learn some celebrities jobs in Spanish with this free lesson.

What do celebrities do for a living?

JK Rowling, Michael Jordan, Jonnhy Depp… Do these names sound familiar to you? They are internationally know people, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you have probably heard about them. And if you don’t, maybe you should search their names on the Internet. Let’s name some more: Leo Messi, Gordom Ramsay, Steve Jobs, Adele, Donald Trump… You can tell me, for sure, names of more celebrities like singers, football players, actors, presidents and writers. Now we are going to talk about their jobs… in Spanish. Pay attention to the grammar. There are a lot of similarities between English and Spanish language. Grammar interesting things is underlined. I know it’s soon for this and you have too much to learn yet, but it’s ok to pay attention to little things – you will learn more and faster.

  • Ricky Martin is a singer. He sings songs – Ricky Martin es cantante. Canta canciones.
  • JK Rowling is a writer. She writes books – JK Rowling es escritora. Escribe libros.
  • Michael Jordan is a basket player. He earns money playing basket – Michael Jordan es jugador de baloncesto. Gana dinero jugando al baloncesto.
  • Richard Gere is an actor. He acts in movies – Richard Gere es actor; actúa en películas.
  • Gordom Ramsey is a coocker. He cooks food – Gordom Ramsey es cocinero. Cocina comida.

Online free activity for learning Spanish

Now you have seen some examples, it’s time to practice with an online activity. Can you tell me the name of these celebrities jobs in Spanish? Relate each celebrity with his job. And after doing this activity, keep practicing jobs vocabulary with this online activity.



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