Jobs vocabulary in Spanish: Who wants to be a millionaire?

Today we’re going to talk about celebrities’ jobs in Spanish. So… are you ready for learning Spanish? Free online Spanish lesson: jobs in Spanish There are a lot of jobs in the world, but all of us are more familiarized with some of them. I’m talking about celebrities’ jobs in Spanish. We can see them … Read more

Spell it out online activity

Do you want to speak Spanish? Do you want to learn it for free while having fun? Can you spell your name in Spanish? In this post, you can learn the Spanish alphabet. Then, you can practice with our online activity. The Spanish Alphabet The first thing you have to know is the advantadge of … Read more

Greetings and farewells online activity

Do you want to learn Spanish for free? Let’s start learning some basic vocabulary: are these expressions greetings or farewells? Spanish is not easy. That’s why we give you some explanations in English and you can learn Spanish vocabulary in the easiest way: playing online activities. It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 25 … Read more

Worksheet: por o para

Let’s see the por and para preposition uses before doing this worksheet. Por and para prepositions These two prepositions have many uses and meanings and can be traslated as many words, like “for”. Here you have the principal uses: Some uses of por To express gratitude or apology: Gracias por venir (thanks for coming) Multiplication/division: Dos por dos es cuatro (two times two … Read more